Wolfvision vSolution Cam

Desktop Visualizer

Desktop Visualizer


The vSolution Cam demonstrates that simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication. Drawing on more than 40 years’ experience and expertise, we have engineered a new entry level Visualizer system, streamlined to include only its essential core components.


The result is an elegant, compact, modern, affordable system that features excellent picture quality, plus the same robust design, and unrivalled ease of use, that is found throughout the entire WolfVision product line. It is an outstanding basic ‘live’ imaging solution, whether used in combination with a Cynap system, or as a highly portable stand-alone device.




No. 1 for ease of use

Flexible imaging

For maximum usability, focus, brightness, white balance etc., are all adjusted automatically. Users only need to use the zoom buttons on the control panel to operate the device. Continuous autofocus recognizes all objects quickly and precisely, and when required, manual focusing is also available. vSolution Cam features a default 4x HD zoom which maintains optimal picture quality. A 10x extended digital zoom can also be selected in the on-screen menu.


Excellent picture quality

Adjustment-free lighting

A 1-CMOS ultra-high resolution camera with 1080p HD output / 30 frames per second, and sRGB color precision, provides measured image resolution (Ø) of 980 lines in every part of the picture. The maintenance-free LED light system is optimized for the entire pick-up area, which means there is never any need for manual adjustment of the light.


Capture your handwriting

Easy external control

Self-adhesive dry-erase working surfaces are available as optional accessories. These enable you to write onto, and erase directly from the vSolution Cam pick-up area, using suitable whiteboard pens and erasers. vSolution Cam can be controlled directly via Cynap. It can also be controlled from other external devices such as a room control system, a video conferencing system or a computer via USB and LAN.


Energy efficiency

Protect your investment

The LAN port provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatibility with devices meeting the IEEE 802.3af-2003 standard. PoE is a popular way of saving on cables and installation costs. The vSolution Cam has two anti-theft devices. There is a thread for attaching the unit to a table with the supplied table lock bolt. Additionally, T-Lock ((Kensington® Lock) devices can also be used.


Optional wireless connectivity

Optional Riser Plate

The optional WLAN stick enables a vSolution Cam to provide its own WLAN to users, or to be integrated into existing WLAN infrastructure. The optional Riser Plate increases the height of the camera above the pick-up area. This increases the effective pick-up area of the camera and allows for imaging of larger materials, such as the content from A4-sized documents in portrait orientation.