Wolfvision VZ-3neo.UHD

Desktop Visualizer

Next-generation design, with 4K UHD imaging


The VZ-3neo.UHD is a native 4K UHD Visualizer system, featuring the iconic WolfVision mechanical design concept, which incorporates the camera, LED light system, and all electronic hardware into the Visualizer arm.


Newly engineered optical and electronic components maximize performance, and the unique design features a touchscreen control and preview monitor for maximum ease of use. With the VZ-3neo.UHD we set the standard worldwide for innovative, user-friendly, high-performance imaging systems.




No.1 for imaging performance

Adjustment-free lighting

Ultra-high definition camera with 4K UHD output for the presentation of content materials in unrivaled image quality. No distracting hot spots or reflections – and no need to adjust the light. This LED Lighting system is optimised for perfect illumination.


Variable-speed zoom range

Flexible external control

12x zoom (VZ-3neo.UHD) for outstanding flexibility when displaying presentation content onscreen. Control easily using a room management system or a computer, or use the vSolution App to control wirelessly from a mobile device.


Focus on the content

FHD recording & streaming

High-speed continuous autofocus, manual focus, plus an easy-to-use 9-point touch and focus mode, ensure the crisp presentation of all content materials. Record and stream your content simultaneously in up to 1080p FHD (VZ-3neo.UHD) resolution, for live or
on-demand viewing by remote audiences.


Remote management tools

Visualizers built to last!

vSolution Link Pro software for easy
remote setup, monitoring, management, and updating of systems
High-quality components for outstanding mechanical quality, durability, and reliability, plus a 5-year warranty. The VZ-3neo.UHD is built to last!