Wolfvision VZ-8neo

Desktop Visualizer

Desktop Visualizer


VZ-8neo/VZ-8neo+ Visualizers offer quick and efficient handling of multimedia presentation content materials, and they can be customized using WolfVision feature packs, software, apps, and accessories, to provide an impressive all-in-one presentation solution. The VZ-8neo/VZ-8neo+ systems are outstanding ‘live’ imaging solutions, whether used on their own, or in combination with our Cynap presentation and collaboration system.



Easy To Use / Zoom Wheel

Large zoom range

For basic operation users only need to use the zoom wheel on top of the Visualizer arm as everything else (focus, brightness, etc.) is adjusted automatically. Multiple-speed zooming provides maximum accuracy, and continuous autofocus recognizes all objects quickly and precisely. For special objects manual focusing is also available. VZ-8neo and VZ-8neo+ Visualizers come with a powerful 24x zoom (12x optical, 2x digital), which can pick up objects as large as an open book or as small as a fingernail in full size to fill a display screen.


High resolution camera

Live image preview monitor

The VZ-8neo+ features a native 1080p HD CMOS camera with 60 frames per second. The VZ-8neo comes with the same camera, with 30 frames per second. The VZ-8neo+ features a built-in LCD preview monitor which makes it easy to position an object correctly on the working surface, without needing to turn around to check the monitor.


Write on your Visualizer

Installation Options

An optional dry-erase working surface is available for the VZ-8neo/VZ-8neo+ Visualizers. This allows a user to write directly onto the working surface during a presentation, enabling the device to be used spontaneously as a whiteboard or ‘digital flip chart.’ VZ-8neo/VZ-8neo+ Visualizers are available either with or without an integrated working surface. The version without working plate enables permanent mounting directly onto a desktop or podium using the supplied ‘swivel plate’. The added advantage of this, is that the unit can be rotated sideways through 90° facilitating easy storage, and allowing the desktop surface area to remain completely obstruction-free.


Swivel Plate option

Adjustment-free lighting

The popular swivel plate option allows the Visualizer arm to be rotated through 90°, enabling storage at 90° to it’s normal forward facing working position, leaving the table or podium surface obstruction-free The light system is optimized for the working surface, so there is never any need to make any light adjustments. The Visualizer light is focused on the working surface, ensuring that neither the audience nor the speaker will be dazzled in a darkened room.


Convenient plug-and-play

External controlling

The USB 2.0 device port includes support for both Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), and USB Video Class (UVC). This enables easy video capture, direct to third party video editing software, without the need to install additional drivers, and also provides access to the Visualizer internal memory from a file browser on a connected computer. VZ-8neo/VZ-8neo+ Visualizers can be controlled from external devices, such as a room control system, a videoconferencing system or a computer via USB and LAN connections. Older devices with Serial RS232 port can be connected using a Serial-LAN adapter from other manufacturers.


Protect your investment

Energy Efficient (PoE+)

There is a thread on the bottom of the working plate for attaching the unit to a table with the supplied table lock bolt. Additionally, T-Lock (Kensington® Lock) devices can also be used. The LAN port provides Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), and is compatible with devices meeting the IEEE 802.3at standard. PoE+ is a popular way of saving on cables and installation costs.


Creating unique multimedia presentations

Remote Feature Pack

During a presentation, the Source key on the Visualizer can be used to switch between Visualizer images and computer images from a PC that is connected to the external HDMI input of the Visualizer system. There is no need to use a separate remote control from a projector or monitor in order to switch image sources. The Remote Feature Pack for the VZ-8neo is a very useful optional upgrade for this popular model. In addition to the provision of an infrared remote control, the accompanying firmware upgrade also activates the 9 image internal memory, seamless cross-fading between image sources, and the USB host port (USB memory sticks can be used). The VZ-8neo+ is supplied with an infrared remote control and the other components of this feature pack as standard.