Sanako Study 1200

Language Learning System

Language Learning System

Working with Sanako Study 1200 means individualizing the teaching, enjoying the interaction between the teacher and students and keeping up with student progress. With model imitation and different discussion activities it will be easy to improve even the most difficult to teach elements, such as pronunciation and intonation.



● Engage and stimulate students to learn languages by doing

● Develop lessons easily with predefined activities

● Individualize teaching

● Monitor and record students’ progress

● Improve even the most difficult to teach elements, pronunciation and intonation, with model imitation and a wide array of discussion activities

● Important self-evaluation enabled by recording student speech and exercises

● Stay in control with features such as Internet blocking and Application control

● Assign and collect homework

● Use a wide selection of media sources

● Convert existing materials easily into mp3s or create new material on the go

● Collaborate with students by using the interactive whiteboard and marker tool

● Optimized wireless performance