Philips BDL4550D Series

32"/ 43"/ 50"/ 55"/ 65"/ 75"/ 86"/ 98" UHD Display with Android

(32″/ 43″/ 50″/ 55″/ 65″/ 75″/ 86″/ 98″) UHD Display with Android – 24/7 use


Amaze your guests with a smarter, faster, signage display. With integrated WiFi and designed for running Android apps, it’s the next evolution in signage solutions.


– 32″/ 43″/ 50″/ 55″/ 65″/ 75″/ 86″/ 98″

1920 x 1080 (32″ only) | 3840 x 2160

400cd/m² (32″ only) | 500cd/m²

4K UHD (43″/ 50″/ 55″/ 65″/ 75″/ 86″/ 98″)



Innovative solutions for any signage application

● Save and play content with internal memory

● Integrated dual-band WiFi

● Android SoC processor. Native and web apps


Maximizing the impact of your message

● CMND: Take control of your displays

● Manage settings of multiple displays with CMND & Control

● Create and update content with CMND & Create

● Connect and control your content via the cloud


Care about you, your business and your audience

● Keep your content up and running with FailOver

● Ensure your content is running with automatic screenshots

● SmartPower for energy saving


Expand your viewing experience

● ADS wide-view panel display



Powered by Android 8

Control your display via an Internet connection. Android-powered Philips Professional Displays are optimized for native Android apps, and you can install web apps directly to the display too. A new Android 8 ensures the software is kept secure and remain to the latest specification for longer.


Internal Memory

Save and play content with internal memory. Upload your media into the display and playback content immediately. Working in conjunction with the internal browser, it also serves as a memory cache when streaming online content. If the network ever fails, the internal memory keeps content running by playing a cached version of the content, ensuring that your media stays up even if the network goes down.



Proof of Play

Content is king, and with the automatic screenshot feauture, you can make sure that your content is up and running at all times. Screenshots are taken throughout the day, which are then stored in the FTP server. From there, the screenshots can be viewed no matter when, or where you are.



Keeping your content up and running is critical for demanding commercial applications. While it is unlikely you will face a content disaster, FailOver provides content protection with a revolutionary technology that plays backup content on screen in the event of a media player failure. FailOver automatically kicks in when the primary input fails. Simply select a primary input connection and a FailOver connection and your ready for instant protection.




The backlight intensity can be controlled and pre-set by the system to reduce the power consumption by up to 50%, which saves substantially on energy costs.




A robust display management platform, CMND puts the power back into your hands. Update and manage content with CMND & Create or control your settings with CMND & Control. It’s all possible with CMND.



CMND & Create

Design and create compelling content with CMND & Create, a powerful authoring tool. With a drag and drop interface, preloaded templates, and integrated widgets, you’ll be able to amaze your customers with compelling content. Available in portrait and landscape mode.



CMND & Control

With CMND & Control, easily manage multiple displays in a central location. With real-time display monitoring, setting, and software updates from a remote location, and the ability to customize and configure multiple displays at once, such as video wall or menu board displays, controlling your suite of displays has never been easier.



ADS wide-view panel display

Be seen from any angle with ADS wide-view technology. Advanced Super Dimension Switch delivers faster on-display picture processing for smoother content transitions, remarkable image accuracy, and superior colour reproduction with 180-degree viewing.



Connect and control your content via the cloud with the integrated HTML5 browser. Using the Chromium-based browser, design your content online and connect a single display, or your complete network. Show content in both landscape and portrait mode, with full HD resolution. Simply connect the display to the internet using WiFi or with an RJ45 cable, and enjoy your own created playlists.