Philips BDL3452T Series

43" UHD Display with 10 point Touch, Android | 55" Full HD Display with 10 point Touch, Android Kitkat

43″ UHD Display with 10 point Touch, Android | 55″ Full HD Display with 10 point Touch, Android Kitkat

Engage them – 20-point Multi-Touch display.

Inspire collaboration. Deliver information. This responsive Philips Multi-Touch Professional Full HD Display is ideal for multi-finger, multi-user applications-from wayfinding to presentations. Up to 10 touch points can be active at once.


● 43”/ 55″

● Powered by Android

● Multi-touch


Superb picture. Responsive touchscreen.

● Android SoC processor. Native and web apps

● UHD Clear images. Crisp contrast (43″ only)


Effortless setup. Total control

● CMND & Deploy. Install and launch apps remotely

● Operate, monitor and maintain with CMND & Control

● CMND & Create. Develop and launch your own content


Versatile system solution

● Energy-saving automatic backlight control

● FailOver ensures content is always playing

● Internal memory. Upload content for instant play

● Simplified user interaction with kiosk mode




CMND & Deploy

Quickly install and launch any app-even when you’re off-site and working remotely. CMND & Deploy lets you add and update your own apps, as well as apps from the Philips Professional Display App Store. Simply scan the QR code, log in to the store, and click on the app you want to install. The app is automatically downloaded and launched.


CMND & Control

Run your display network over a local (LAN) connection. CMND & Control allows you to perform vital functions like controlling inputs and monitoring display status. Whether you’re in charge of one screen or 100.



CMND & Create

Take control of your content with CMND & Create. A drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to publish your own content-whether it’s a daily specials board or branded corporate information. Preloaded templates and integrated widgets ensure your stills, text, and video will be up and running in no time.




From waiting room to meeting room, never show a blank screen. FailOver lets your Philips Professional Display switch automatically between primary and secondary inputs ensuring content keeps playing even if the primary source goes down. Simply set a list of alternate inputs to be sure your business is always on.



Internal memory

Save and play content without the need for a permanent external player. Your Philips professional display has internal memory, which allows you to upload media into the display for instant playback. The internal memory also functions as a cache for online streaming.


Powered by Android 8

Control your display via an Internet connection. Android-powered Philips Professional Displays are optimized for native Android apps, and you can install web apps directly to the display too. A new Android 8 ensures the software is kept secure and remains to the latest specification for longer.