Wolfvision Cynap Pure

Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Gateway

Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Gateway


With 4K output resolution, up to 4 window on-screen display, plus app-free, dongle-free, support for all iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and macOS devices, Cynap Pure powerful wireless BYOD solution is an exciting compact addition to the Cynap family.



Share your mobile device screen!

4K output resolution

Using the AirPlay, Chromecast or Miracast technology that‘s built in to your own mobile device in order to connect and share your screen, ensures easy app-free dongle-free screen mirroring onto a central display screen for all your iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS devices. Cynap Pure offers 4K output resolution, ensuring that all on-screen content from any device, always looks superb. Cynap Pure features touchscreen compatability, and also a touchback feature which provides you with the convenience of controlling your laptop remotely while working at the main screen.


Enterprise level security

Flexible installation options

Security is a key consideration when introducing a wireless collaboration solution into your organization. Our secure Linux operating system keeps you virus and malware free, and our powerful security features ensure 100% encryption for all data. A true ‘plug and play’ solution, Cynap Pure can be set up out of the box and used immediately. WolfVision also offers prepared API modules for integration with third party controllers, and APIs are also available for customised room control system integration if required.