Shure MXC416 / MXC420 / MXC425

Gooseneck Microphones

Gooseneck Microphone


Gooseneck Microphone for MXC, MXCW Conference Units


Microflex® Complete Gooseneck Microphones deliver unsurpassed performance, control, and flexibility for meetings and conferences. Compatible with MXC and MXCW-series conference units, MXC Gooseneck Microphones bend at the bottom but are straight at the top to provide a streamlined appearance in contemporary meeting spaces.  A choice of 16 inch (40 cm),  20 inch (50 cm) and 25 inch (60 cm) lengths match different table dimensions or seating configurations.


The standard cardioid polar pattern provides accurate voice capture with minimal pickup of room noise.  For additional control in difficult acoustic conditions, MX-series cartridges with supercardioid and mini-shotgun patterns are also available.  An integrated bi-color LED indicates microphone status.  Integrated CommShield® Technology provides enhanced immunity to RF noise from mobile phones or tablets.



> Compatible with MXC and MXCW conference units ONLY


> 10-pin modular lockable connector


> Gooseneck bends at the bottom only


> Available in 16 inch (40 cm), 20 inch (50 cm) and 25 inch (60 cm) lengths


> Cardioid polar pattern (also compatible with MX-series microphone cartridges)


> Bi-color light ring indicates microphone status


> CommShield® Technology for improved RF filtering


> Foam windscreen included