Philips BDL5588XH

55" Full HD Video Wall Display

55″ Full HD Video Wall Display

Command attention with a Philips X-Line Professional Videowall Display. Crisp contrast and narrow bezels enable clear, distraction-free imaging. Whether you’re running an airport or hosting a conference.


– 55″

– Full HD

– 3.5 mm

– 700cd/m²

– Direct LED Backlight



Brilliant images. Endless possibilities

● Full HD monitors. Brilliant images. Clear contrast

● IPS panel: rich colour consistency from every angle

● Ultra-narrow (3.5 mm) bezels. For distraction-free images


Effortless setup. Total control

● Add Android processing power with an optional CRD50 module

● CMND: Remote system management

● CMND and Control. Operate, monitor, maintain

● CMND and Create. Develop and launch your own content


Powerful system solution

● Tiling mode. Create tiled 4K videowalls of any size

● FailOver. Ensure your display never goes blank

● OPS slot. Embed a full-power PC. No cabling required

● Energy-saving automatic backlight control






Tiling mode. Create tiled 4K videowalls of any size

Connect two or more Philips professional displays to create a tiled videowall-without the need for external devices. A single player takes care of content, whether you have four screens or 40. 4K content is fully supported, and if you’re showing that content on four screens you get the best possible dot-by-dot resolution.


Ultra-narrow (3.5 mm) bezels. For distraction-free images


Operate, monitor and maintain with CMND & Control

Run your display network over a local (LAN) connection. CMND and Control allows you to perform vital functions like controlling inputs and monitoring display status. Whether you’re in charge of one screen or 100.


Android SoC processor. Native and web apps

Control your display via an Internet connection. Android-powered Philips Professional Displays are optimised for native Android apps and you can install web apps directly to the display too. A built-in scheduler makes it easy to launch apps and content based on time of day.


OPS slot allows for PC embedding without cabling

Integrate a full-power PC or Android-powered CRD50 module directly into your Philips Professional Display. The OPS slot contains all the connections you need to run your slot-in solution, including a power supply.