Philips 110BDL9112L

110" 1.2 mm pixel FHD LED Set

110″ 1.2 mm pixel FHD LED Set


Limitless Bezel-free LED display wall.


● 110”

● Full HD (1920×1080)

● 800 nits



LED display. Superb image quality. Perfect uniformity


Create bezel-free video walls of any shape, size, or resolution. The modular design of Philips Professional LED cabinets means you can adapt to any space. Build vast, immersive installations or assemble intriguing patterns. Easily create video walls that flow seamlessly around doorways and other openings.



Built-in rear cable cover. Easy cable management


Your Philips Professional LED Display features built-in rear cable covers to keep power and data cables tidy. Display cabinets can also be daisy-chained, for both power and data. Allowing you to minimize clutter, speed up installation.



Create bezel-free video walls of any shape or size


Simply connect multiple LED display cabinets to create the resolution you want-whether it’s 4K, 8K, or even higher. Compared to LCD screens, LED displays boast higher refresh rates that enable smoother images. Whatever the application, you’ll thrill them with crystal-clear picture quality.