Luxul XWC-2000

Wireless Controller System

Wireless Controller System


The XWC-2000 Wireless Controller uses Luxul’s exclusive Roam Assist™ technology to ensure active roaming of mobile client devices within wireless networks that utilize more than one wireless access point (AP), while providing simple, centralized deployment of up to 32 Luxul APs through an easy-to-use setup wizard.

The XWC-2000 is compatible with the following Luxul APs: XAP-1610, XAP-1510, XAP-810, XAP-1240, and XAP-1440. Installers can mix and match APs to maximize the performance and budget of each project. The XWC-2000 is available standalone or in kits, complete with APs and PoE hardware.


● Active client roam between access points with Luxul Roam Assist™

● Simple central control and configuration of Luxul APs

● Secure guest networking

● Supports up to 32 wireless APs

● Durable 1U metal enclosure for rack mount or desktop use

● Three-year limited warranty