Da-Lite Tensioned Contour Electrol

The Tensioned Contour® Electrol® is the latest ceiling or wall-mounted electric screen offering simple installation. A variety of finishes make this a seamless addition to any room.

Tensioned screens ensure the smoothest surface possible.


● All sizes standard with 12” of black drop except for Parallax Pure which is standard with 2”

● Standard Silent Drive System to keep your screen whisper quiet (sizes up to 10’x10’)

● Standard Low Voltage Control (LVC) to keep your screen operation flexible

● Smooth Roll Technology to keep your screen perfectly flat

● TruGuide™ Electric Screen Tensioning System provides optimal viewing surface smoothness

● Simple Installation with a new installation kit and user-friendly packaging to keep you on schedule

● Support includes a comprehensive five-year warranty to keep you confident in your purchase

● Available with SCB-100 and SCB-200 (RS-232 serial control board) or Video Projector Interface (screen trigger) built into the case

● Decora-style, three-button wall switch

● Standard black backing retains projected brightness on front projection surfaces

● Seamless surfaces

● Standard white powder-coated aluminum finish; available in black upon request

● Parallax 0.8 surface for standard throw projectors (1.5:1 or greater)

● Parallax Stratos 1.0 surface for standard throw projectors (1.0:1 or greater)