Crestron UC-C160-Z

VC System Integrator Kit for Zoom Rooms™ Software

UC Video Conference System Integrator Kit for Zoom Rooms™ Software

The Crestron Flex UC-C160-Z system provides a customizable video conference room solution for use with the Zoom Rooms intelligent communications platform. It supports single or dual video displays, and features the UC Engine Assembly with UC‑ENGINE‑Z and 10.1 in. touch screen. The UC-C160-Z enables integration with your choice of displays, cameras, speakers, microphones, mixers, switchers, and audio conferencing interface (or speakerphone).




● Front‑of‑room conferencing integration solution for Zoom Rooms™ software

● Present, call, conference, and collaborate in any room using your choice of AV equipment

● Network management and provisioning and system alerts through the Crestron XiO Cloud service

● Connects and communicates securely over any enterprise or SMB network

● Enterprise‑grade security

● Supports single or dual display configuration

● Includes 10.1 in. (257 mm) tabletop color touch screen with onscreen calendaring and meeting management and optional control of room lighting, shades, thermostats, and other equipment

● Kit contains the 10.1 in. (257 mm) tabletop color touch screen, UC Engine assembly and 1‑year Crestron XiO Cloud Premium subscription.