Philips 75BDL4150D

75" UHD Signage Display

75″ UHD Display

Inform. Effortlessly

Impress with a large diameter display. Designed to run Android Apps, the Philips D-Line
is the high-performance powerhouse for corporate, educational and similar environments
that need to go bigger.


– 75″

– 500cd/m²

– Powered by Android



Innovative solutions for any signage application

● Android: Run your own app or choose your favorite app to run

● Save and play content with internal memory


Optimized for public viewing

● 4K Ultra HD: resolution like you’ve never seen it before


Maximizing the impact of your message

● Create and update content with CMND & Create

● Manage settings of multiple displays with CMND & Control

● Connect and control your content over the internet


Care about you, your business and your audience

● Mini PCI Expess Slot

● Ensure your content is running with automatic screenshots

● Keep your content up and running with FailOver

● Simplify meetings with FailOver for conferencing

● SmartPower for energy saving




Powered by Android

With Android OS integrated into the display, you can work with the most developed OS on the planet and save your own app directly into the display. Or, choose from the large library of Android apps and play content from there.With the built-in scheduler, you can daypart your apps and content based on your customer and time of day and with the auto orientation feature, showing content in portrait or landscape is as simple as turning the display.


4K Ultra HD Resolution

See your Signage Solutions like never before thanks to four times the resolution of a conventional Full HD display. 3840 x 2160 pixels provide and image so refined, so lifelike,it’s a window to a new world.


Mini PCI Slot

With a mini PCI express slot built in, you can easily extend display connectivity to include 4GLTE modules. This is also a great way to
enhance machine to machine communication.Result: a world of configuration possibilities,such as adding product features or expanding
signal-handling capabilities.


Internal Memory

Save and play content with internal memory.Upload your media into the display and playback content immediately. Working in conjunction with the internal browser, it also serves as a memory cache when streaming
online content. If the network ever fails, the internal memory keeps content running by playing a cached version of the content,ensuring that your media stays up even if the network goes down.